My Beginning

Hello, My name is Corak Hanssar, Captain of the Guard (A Dragonborn not an orc as Winter my silly little halfling companion says).

Back when I was 15 to 18 years old, I was Captain of the guard. Always fought in battles (But normally we’re isolated from the world and have to have our allies call to us for help). I was barely 18 years old when I left Cron. But I only temporally left my post. It was a long time before I reached the village where then Winter was later taken and thrown into our group. There, a guy (I think it was a king) told us about that ruins were discovered and to go check them out. So as we were walking up to the place we were on an inclined plane, where, if you fell you would die. So we met with a 3 minions which I guess were all hobgoblins and then the leader. So we decided to fight them so when I was close enough I used my dragon breath and all the minions dodged it…but the leader didn’t, and he got MAD at his allies! Then later in the battle Gerseim used a thunderwave and pushed the leader off the inclined plane. Winter joined our group after the hobgoblin fight. We went into the building in the ruins. My companions were: Guardiuni, Gerseim, Raine, and Winter. We found these weapons and an implement in a room. What I got was a Fullblade. and then later we got in this one hallway with a Dragonborn statue and in order to take its armour and skull mask, I had to take an oath to destroy the clock of fate. So, I did. Then Gerseim pushed something and the statue moved which reaveled a way to get out. We went in and found a SICK dragon. It was asleep, but it woke up (probably because of Guardiuni and me.). And when it threw up… It made stalagmites go away. Later I was the only one left, but later I got out. (skipping to the owlbears, but now we have Bree instead of Raine because Raine was really a dopplegangler.) So when we got out of the Dopplegangler cave we found out that the food that Waffles and Gerseim stored, the owlbears were eating it. So naturally, I start fighting them (even though I don’t drink. I like to fight.). So Waffles gets grabbed by an owlbear then later Winter gets grabbed by the other. And they tried to walk off with them. But, Waffles and Winter escaped. And I went after one and I shot 2 arrows at it. The first missed but the second hit! And it Died! (YES! And OUCH!) Then its supposed mate comes out of a tree and attacks me three times! But luckly it didn’t try to walk off with me. It just threw me at Waffles but he missed. Then it walked off with its DEAD companion.



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