Ok, in case no one else told you what happend in the last 2 dnd sessions let me simplify it: We go to another town by a portal ruled by the elves and eladrin. Gerseim sends his owl, Archimedes, to go to the bathroom on a kid who threw a rock at him (people are there outside the town because it is tax day), the solders say, “Dinner!” and they fire at Archimdedes. Gerseim casts mage hand to catch Archimedes and then casts some magic that can create sparks. Everbody gets scared, people get trampled, and later we get thrown in jail. Everbody but Gerseim gets released, so in order to pay, he has to escourt a diplomat who only is diplomatic when he wants to. But we all help him (except Guardiuni who was not with us…for now! Ha HA HA HAAA!). And we’re supposed to escourt him the next day, so we register for an arena (about Guardiuni I don’t know). then the next day we meet the diplomat at the gate and he has with him his bodyguard, a goliath named Zek. And he happens to think that I’m a (uugh!) Woman! so the women ride with him (in a carriage) and the men ride on the driver’s seat with Zek. Later Corak, after a snack or meal he falls fast asleep. Winter starts to go to sleep (or goes to sleep) later. Winter falls asleep. Then Bree notices that the Diplomat has a evil grin on his face and maybe Corak was awake by then. And Zek says to Gerseim and Waffles (who’d name their kid waffles except an ogre?), “sorry guys.” and so saying he pushes Gerseim off but Waffles clings to Zek’s arm. Bree casts, I think it’s hunger of hadar, and starts tearing the carriage and it’s covering the diplomat and maybe Zek. And corak says to the diplomat,”I am no woman” then he tries to knock the diplomat out of the carriage but feels a burning sensation on his arm (but it does no damage thanks to my skull mask) and misses the diplomat. switching to waffles he falls on the reins and later on the horse (I don’t remember if he fell on the reins that round or later). then later the wheel gets dystroyed and we’re going at 30mph. And I think at this time Zek and the diplo fall out. then (It’s probably this way) Bree breaks another wheel and then severs the reins with HUNGER OF HUNGRY!!!">HADARand in result the carriage starts to do flips. Which could have kill Waffles on the horse(then he wouldn’t be Waffles anymore. He might be called Pancake) but it kills the 4 horses. but we live. then Waffles gets mad at bree about nearly killing him. then later we remember Gerseim (his life is linked to the diplomat and if he goes either more than 50 yards or 50 yards away he dies. Arrg! Stupid Council!). We find Zek and Corak helps him up then later we find the diplo and he’s really broken. And Zek says, “Didn’t like him anyway” then about an hour later we find Gerseim…Dead. So we bring him back to the town and Waffles wants to talk to the council about I think the diplomat. but as we’re going these men in black cloaks follow us and the faster we go the more appear and we find two guards incapacitated. and one man tells us to follow him or them. And Bree, “asks if we don’t will we die?” And the Man says, “Yes.” so we follow him. and when we get to the university of the five colors (don’t remember if it was a university or something else) the men depart except the one so we go to his room (which only he can axcess) and he wants us to sell Gerseims body for 150,000 gold. After some debate we sell Gerseim to be revived, but not with us. “If he wants to find you, he can” is what the man said and “the council is corrupt.” (he said that before). And I will end it there.



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