Bree became good???!

Hi, it me again! Winter!

Miriam – the leader of the dragonborn – she had sent us to a cave where dopplegangers were, to keep them from destroying the dragonborn. I stayed by Rhaine’s side as we traveled through. Rhaine had taught me how to sneak and she had done a lot of things that I have done…except she was an assassin. I don’t know about you, but I hadn’t really thought of being an assassin…and Rhaine made me a little nervous around her. But as I stayed with her for a while longer she and I got along very well and became good friends.

We made it the the cave and I saw a few dopplegangers guarding the entrance of the cave. They had three captives with them. A eladrin (man), half-elf (woman), and a dwarf (man). We started getting into position to attack the group when suddenly Rhaine ran past me and started to the dopplegangers shouting, ‘They’re here!’ All of us paused at her shout, surprised. Girth and Captain started running towards the dopplegangers that were ready to attack. I watched the traitor Rhaine run to a tree, changing into the shape of a doppleganger and then back to Rhaine. I ran behind trees, my magical shoes that I had received that I recieved from the cave and made me run faster than the rest of the group except Rhaine. The shoes helped me get past the foilage faster and an arrow shot past me from the tree Rhaine was in. I ran in her direction with mixed emotions, putting in my mind to finish her off. Rhaine was up to high in the tree and, being small as I am, couldn’t make it with ease. There were two dopplegangers in my way as well, so I engaged in battle with them.

As I fought, the three prisoners managed to get free and I heard on of the eladrin captives scream out to a dwarf, ‘I LOVE YOU!’ I got rather perturbed at that. I have never heard of elven folks to be gays.

I caught a blur jump from the trees at me with shining grey metal coming at me. I dodged from Rhaine’s weapons, letting them slash through empty air. I turned around to face her, keeping the doppleganger in sight from the corner of my eye. (the second was fighting with Corak) I glared at Rhaine, anger welling up inside of me. ‘So this is how you assissinate people, Rhaine? Changing into different people. That certainly helps killing people, I bet.’ I killed her. (or is it a he? It’s hard to tell when they’re dopplegangers.) The other dopplegangers ran into the cave soon after. I stared at the form of Rhaine. Rhaine was my friend. And I trusted her, even though she was an exassassin. I thought I would get use to being hurt or at least learn to stop trusting people so easily. But no.

The group was chasing after the dopplegangers, and the gay eladrin and the two captives that was saved, followed us. They helped us kill of the rest of the dopplegangers and I just barely remembered about Rhaine’s magical shoes, someone else could use them. I ran out and went to take it off Rhaine’s feet. I stopped, the shoes she wore weren’t magic…I paused. I jumped up in a twirl and ran into the cave with a squeal and laughed as I danced around the group and gave Corak a hug on the knee. I hadn’t been betrayed. This wasn’t Rhaine. That meant that Rhaine was somewhere else…captured??? I don’t know. But I’m going to find her someday and help my friend.

We went into a tunnle in the cave and came at a cross. We found a lot of blood and a severed leg. Suddenly, the walls started moving. I started to go back the way we came, but one of the walls moved forward and shut out the place from whence we came. I jumped on Corak’s shoulders and held on tightly, fear pressing in my mind. This couldn’t be happening to me! I needed to save Rhaine! Not die here! Bree didn’t even to know what was happening. She just stood the glumly since I ever met her. And she seemed to awaken from a deep sleep when we were screaming and crying… (there, there, Corak. It’s alright.) |D (Okay, so maybe Captain didn’t cry.) Then Bree jumped onto me! She was big fat human! I saw her grabbed by a hair hand and I said I wanted to come to. The hairy figure took us into a small space and I saw him missing a leg. The rest of us came in safely before we got smashed and cried out ‘Sweet potato fries!’

I never seen such a beast as this before and I was quite interested in him. He didn’t seem to like us for some reason, because a bunch of people tried to kill him. And I told him that I’m a ranger and we ‘protect all wildlife!’

We got out and then we saw an owl-bear eating our rations. I went into a fighting frenzy…I don’t really want to talk about it…I feel like a hypocrit now!!! :( Yes, I attacked nature, all because they were eating our beer…I don’t even like beer!!! So, fine! Call me an idiot! Bree was the only one that didn’t fight. And her crystal of ‘goodness’ shone! Of all things! Frankly, I was rather upset. I was the only one that had been trying to be a good person! I mean, really, really trying! I had tried to stop making people mad at me. (I love teasing people and getting them mad at me) The gay eladrin, Waffles he is called -Mmm, I feeling hungry now – I have the hardest time from teasing him. He has a temper and very easy to get him annoyed. I’ve tried saying nice things and being a peacemaker, but it is so hard!!!

I went back to Miriam, a failure. I had to watch Bree with her shining crystal glumly. Bree hadn’t been with us that long anyway! And here she is! A good person! How terrible is that! Bree made it like it was so easy. I’ll never call a good person a wimp ever again!

I think Miriam noticed how glum I was. She pulled out two scimitars that were lovely indeed! She had fought with them long in battle and said that she wished me to have them. I think she was very amused with my trying the hardest to be a good person and likes me very much.



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