Winter!!! I’m a dragonborn! Yeesh! Winter just doesn’t understand.


Ok, in case no one else told you what happend in the last 2 dnd sessions let me simplify it: We go to another town by a portal ruled by the elves and eladrin. Gerseim sends his owl, Archimedes, to go to the bathroom on a kid who threw a rock at him (people are there outside the town because it is tax day), the solders say, “Dinner!” and they fire at Archimdedes. Gerseim casts mage hand to catch Archimedes and then casts some magic that can create sparks. Everbody gets scared, people get trampled, and later we get thrown in jail. Everbody but Gerseim gets released, so in order to pay, he has to escourt a diplomat who only is diplomatic when he wants to. But we all help him (except Guardiuni who was not with us…for now! Ha HA HA HAAA!). And we’re supposed to escourt him the next day, so we register for an arena (about Guardiuni I don’t know). then the next day we meet the diplomat at the gate and he has with him his bodyguard, a goliath named Zek. And he happens to think that I’m a (uugh!) Woman! so the women ride with him (in a carriage) and the men ride on the driver’s seat with Zek. Later Corak, after a snack or meal he falls fast asleep. Winter starts to go to sleep (or goes to sleep) later. Winter falls asleep. Then Bree notices that the Diplomat has a evil grin on his face and maybe Corak was awake by then. And Zek says to Gerseim and Waffles (who’d name their kid waffles except an ogre?), “sorry guys.” and so saying he pushes Gerseim off but Waffles clings to Zek’s arm. Bree casts, I think it’s hunger of hadar, and starts tearing the carriage and it’s covering the diplomat and maybe Zek. And corak says to the diplomat,”I am no woman” then he tries to knock the diplomat out of the carriage but feels a burning sensation on his arm (but it does no damage thanks to my skull mask) and misses the diplomat. switching to waffles he falls on the reins and later on the horse (I don’t remember if he fell on the reins that round or later). then later the wheel gets dystroyed and we’re going at 30mph. And I think at this time Zek and the diplo fall out. then (It’s probably this way) Bree breaks another wheel and then severs the reins with HUNGER OF HUNGRY!!!">HADARand in result the carriage starts to do flips. Which could have kill Waffles on the horse(then he wouldn’t be Waffles anymore. He might be called Pancake) but it kills the 4 horses. but we live. then Waffles gets mad at bree about nearly killing him. then later we remember Gerseim (his life is linked to the diplomat and if he goes either more than 50 yards or 50 yards away he dies. Arrg! Stupid Council!). We find Zek and Corak helps him up then later we find the diplo and he’s really broken. And Zek says, “Didn’t like him anyway” then about an hour later we find Gerseim…Dead. So we bring him back to the town and Waffles wants to talk to the council about I think the diplomat. but as we’re going these men in black cloaks follow us and the faster we go the more appear and we find two guards incapacitated. and one man tells us to follow him or them. And Bree, “asks if we don’t will we die?” And the Man says, “Yes.” so we follow him. and when we get to the university of the five colors (don’t remember if it was a university or something else) the men depart except the one so we go to his room (which only he can axcess) and he wants us to sell Gerseims body for 150,000 gold. After some debate we sell Gerseim to be revived, but not with us. “If he wants to find you, he can” is what the man said and “the council is corrupt.” (he said that before). And I will end it there.

The Day Bree Became Good
Everyone Else . . . Not So Much

I can’t say I remember what actually happened that day, as I was busy developing my spells and abilities. I was following along the rest of the party when all the sudden everyone started screaming, “The walls are moving!” We were in a corridor that had another corridor pass through it perpendicularly, making it look like a cross if you could see it from above.

In reality, it wasn’t the walls that were moving. At least, not all of the walls were moving. Just the enclosures of the cross. We all started to huddle in the middle of said cross, believing it to be the safest place. Except for the fact that some ends wouldn’t move as slowly as the rest.

One end started to tremble and came slamming into Corak, and thus Corak into me, I being next to him. This lovely wall also brought a leg along with it, severed from its previous owner.

Soon, two of the other walls began to also tremble. We all retreated to the one last wall, hoping that the trembling wall on the opposite end wouldn’t slam into us. In a desperate search, I heard someone scratching above me. Winter was already ahead of me, climbed up Corak to reach the ceiling. Luckily, I had studied the art of spider climb that day.

Climbing on top of Corak and Winter (“Ouch!” said Winter. “You big fat human!” Which is a fallacy somewhat, considering the fact that I am only half human), I reached the top. Suddenly, a ceiling tile removed itself and a hairy hand reached towards me. “Hurry!” a gruff voice yelled.

I was pulled up, finding a hairy, one-legged man. What luck! I just saw a leg that could possibly fit on this fine fellow. “Grab the leg!” I yelled to the others below as we were pulling them up. Girth, using his mage-hand, was able to grab it before the wall slammed against the wall opposite. (Or, in other words, against the other wall where we would have been smashed to smithereens, crying, “Sweet potato fries!”)

Unfortunately, our lovely bard, Heavy Pete wasn’t so lucky. He lost a shoe. Poor lad.

When we all came above and got a good look around, Winter thought (so she told me afterward, that “he was a rather large beast. His stomach hanging out. He wasn’t too good of temper either.” And, unfortunately, my memory doesn’t serve me too well, so I cannot remember the rest of our conversation. Oh! She and I did have a lovely time remembering the banter regarding his severed leg. Ho ho!

Apparently, great and large men who tend to have lots of hair do not like having their leg brought back to them, for when Girth presented it, he got smack-ed right in the face-ed! This type of thing ended up happening twice again, as we were stuck in this tiny space until the walls moved to their former positions.

Oh, we also heard news from Waffles that this man was transformed by a wizard. Waffles. He’s a different sort of Eladrin. Or perhaps, that’s the way they all come. Winter will agree with me on this, there is something very peculiar, er, gay, about him. The first time, as Winter tells it, Waffles and I were rescued by her, Waffles proclaimed his love for Heavy Pete (which was not the first time, I having been with Waffles longer than anyone else in this party).

During the wait period, I began to study my spells again. I can’t really recall what happened between the time we were stuck in that small space and the time we ran into owl-bears. Why we ran into owl-bears in the first place, I have no idea. Most of the time, when you leave your provisions out on the ground and owl-bears come to eat it, you don’t try to get your half-eaten food back. Not the case when you’re traveling with the perfect mix of an Eladrin, Halfling (excuse me, Hobbit), Dragonborn, dwarf, and whatever that Girth happens to be.

So Waffles ends up getting hugged tightly by one owl-bear, so much that he is caught within its claws. Trying to help Waffles, I blinded the owl-bear so that it wouldn’t see me as I attempted to pull Waffles from its grasp. Unfortunately, I am a warlock. We aren’t typically known for our strength, or as Winter likes to put it, sumo wrestlers. Yeah, I couldn’t pull him from the owl-bear’s grasp.

As the rest of the crew slew the owl-bear holding onto Waffles, the one after Winter began to run away. This is where the best part comes: I DIDN’T SLAY THE RUNNING OWL-BEAR! Get it! I’m good now!

The crystal shines.

My Beginning

Hello, My name is Corak Hanssar, Captain of the Guard (A Dragonborn not an orc as Winter my silly little halfling companion says).

Back when I was 15 to 18 years old, I was Captain of the guard. Always fought in battles (But normally we’re isolated from the world and have to have our allies call to us for help). I was barely 18 years old when I left Cron. But I only temporally left my post. It was a long time before I reached the village where then Winter was later taken and thrown into our group. There, a guy (I think it was a king) told us about that ruins were discovered and to go check them out. So as we were walking up to the place we were on an inclined plane, where, if you fell you would die. So we met with a 3 minions which I guess were all hobgoblins and then the leader. So we decided to fight them so when I was close enough I used my dragon breath and all the minions dodged it…but the leader didn’t, and he got MAD at his allies! Then later in the battle Gerseim used a thunderwave and pushed the leader off the inclined plane. Winter joined our group after the hobgoblin fight. We went into the building in the ruins. My companions were: Guardiuni, Gerseim, Raine, and Winter. We found these weapons and an implement in a room. What I got was a Fullblade. and then later we got in this one hallway with a Dragonborn statue and in order to take its armour and skull mask, I had to take an oath to destroy the clock of fate. So, I did. Then Gerseim pushed something and the statue moved which reaveled a way to get out. We went in and found a SICK dragon. It was asleep, but it woke up (probably because of Guardiuni and me.). And when it threw up… It made stalagmites go away. Later I was the only one left, but later I got out. (skipping to the owlbears, but now we have Bree instead of Raine because Raine was really a dopplegangler.) So when we got out of the Dopplegangler cave we found out that the food that Waffles and Gerseim stored, the owlbears were eating it. So naturally, I start fighting them (even though I don’t drink. I like to fight.). So Waffles gets grabbed by an owlbear then later Winter gets grabbed by the other. And they tried to walk off with them. But, Waffles and Winter escaped. And I went after one and I shot 2 arrows at it. The first missed but the second hit! And it Died! (YES! And OUCH!) Then its supposed mate comes out of a tree and attacks me three times! But luckly it didn’t try to walk off with me. It just threw me at Waffles but he missed. Then it walked off with its DEAD companion.

The Beginning
by Winter

It was really weird, I have to say that.

I’m Astryl Winter – known as Winter to my enemies and friends. I’m a hobbit (and if you say halfling I’ll smack you in the knee! -sigh, if only I was tall enough to reach the face.) And I’m a ranger. I’ve been around many places and had a few adventures for the safety of the people.

I’ve been traveling around for about four years from the east, since I had defeated a great dark man, and all of a sudden I’m grabbed by these priests. I was very perplexed, I must say. One of them that was holding me by the arm smelled really bad! And then I was thrown into this odd group of people and told I was suppose travel with them. I could have left, but the group was going to a cave and it meant treasure, so I followed.

I met an eladrin, named Gersium, another was a human named, Gerdiuni, and a peculiar orc named Captain Corak. He called himself a half-dragonborn -you know, half human and half dragonborn – but he’s really, really ugly…like an orc. I was thrown into their company. I found out that I had replaced one of their companions that had fallen ill. A companion named Rhaine.

It was all a good adventure. Got a little, hoo- hoo- spooky! I saw a rather peculiar woman pulling out a crystal from a statue at the end of the room (for we were searching for a bunch of crystals from different rooms.) She had a guilty expression on her face for some reason. I realized that she was Rhaine. (I thought she was rather odd. Why give a guilty look on your face when pulling out a beautiful stone? But she later proved to a smart one.) We found out that we had to find the ‘clock of fate’ (whatever that is) and kill the woman that killed the guy that was trying to find the ‘clock of fate’. The woman was said to be his wife. Remember men, never trust a woman! They only want your money, that is all.)And then about a bunch of wizards that connect to the clock of fate and we should stop them.( Then we met the most disgusting dragon ever! Ugh! I shan’t tell you, because I fear that you may have eaten earlier. I shall just say he was sick and his way of fighting was sick. I’m glad I left the beast.

The beastly dragon left us a bit fatigued. So we set up camp and slept while Rhaine watched over us. She caught sight of some men sneaking up to a camp. She did a bird call that our group had discussed that she would do if there were trouble.

When I heard it, I grabbed my scimitars and went out of the tent. All of a sudden, a arrow passes by me. I see a man sitting on a tree. He was losing his balance after he had shot the arrow and then fell on the ground. I ran at him with my scimitars ready for action. This man, about in his thirties, started bawling as he saw the hobbit running towards him. I had compassion on him. I told him that I’m his friend. He jumped to his feet and started running away. I shouted for him to stop, because I just wanted to be friends. I caught another guy next to a pond running, and I decided to meet up to him. The guy was about twice my size, but he was pitifully terrible at fighting. Knocking him at his knees, I knocked him out. I tied him up and started washing his wounds.

The fighting had ended and we had two prisoners. The rest had fled.

I was rather bored and decided I would make a conversation with this man I had captured. “I’m Winter. What’s your name?” ‘Grunt.’ “It’s alright. We’re friends.” ‘I’m not your friend.’ I smiled kindly. “Of course you are.” “NO!” “Ha, ha, don’t be silly. Yes you are.” By then the man decided to not talk. I hadn’t annoyed an enemy for a long time and I decided I would just jabber for the long while with him. I told him of my best friend Sudoc, he’s a monk, and my other companions I had four years ago before they all married. He continued stayed silent and I was getting rather bored of it and decided to go further at making my enemy talk. (This is what we call the Winter torture) The Winter Torture is where you talk your enemies head off and if they decide not to talk to you at all, you poke them in the side where it is ticklish and make them grunt. It is a lot of fun! Ho! HO!

Corak brought his prisoner over with the other and I had asked him what his name is, but I’m afriad I had forgotten about it. He was a delightful chap. He talked much. I noticed that my prisoner was getting angry at how much his companion talked. So I asked him what my prisoner’s name was. He said it was Jordan. “Jordan!” I exclaimed. “That’s the worst name I ever heard of!” I turned to my captive and said, “Your name shall be Kell.” He suddenly grew very angry. “No! It’s Jordan!” “Kell!” “Jordan! What’s wrong with my name?” “It stinks!” Jordan continued being angry as we asked his companion why they were sent to kill us. Apparently some wizards wanted us. And Jordan was their leader. Jordan was very angry as how much Corak’s prisoner spoke. But I found it simply delightful!

We traveled to a village and had to set Jordan and the other prisoner free, because we didn’t want a lot of distraction. Rhaine followed Jordan, just to make sure where he went, but lost him, as we entered to set up camp a little ways from the village. We were reunited in the morning, but Gersium – I call him Girth – had a bad flu. So we left him behind while we went searching around for Jordan. I entered a shop after following some footprints where Rhaine said she lost him. I asked an elf, who was the store keeper, if he had seen a grumpy human – and other descriptions – had gone. The elf said he had not. Then once we got out of the doorway, we were met by two large men that grabbed us and threw us back in the store. Jordan was there! And he was standing by the elf, who’s name was Ramus. There was a bunch of other men surrounding the room. Jordan stood there smiling evilly at me. I smiled. “So we meet again.” Jordan took a step up at me and smacked me in the face. I grinned. “You do realized that you were beaten by a woman…and someone half your size.” All the men laughed in the room and Jordan’s face turned red with fury! “Shut up!” he shouted. Then Ramus stepped forward. He asked us about what we were doing in the cave. I tried to act ignorant of it all, and then Ramus nodded to his men and I suddenly found two arrows protuding in my shoulders. I gritted my teeth in pain as I dropped to my knees and hands. “What did you find in there,” Ramus asked again. I spoke, feeling the bowmen’s eyes watching me, ready to fire again. “Corak got that mask there,” I said, pointing at Corak, fearing that they might take my scimitars that I got from the cave. I need to revert the attention away from myself. “Winter!” Corak shouted at me. Ramus took us through a secret door in his store. I passed by Jordan, earning another smack from him. Even through the pain, I would not let him feel the victory of smacking me without a humiliating reminder. “I still beated you.”

You shouldn’t be surprised that we escaped from the place. Girth had come after feeling better and managed to help us get away. I looked away with disgust when I saw pink thingies flocking around Girth later in the night when I awoke.

Women! I saw Girth, Corak, and Gerd, smiling at all the women flocking around them. I later found out that Girth had met them in a hotel while searching for us. And that the women wanted to join us to get away from Ramus. I hid behind the bushes, knowing what was going to happen. All my companions once again would get married and I would, once again, be traveling for many more miles. The leader of the group of women had coaxed Girth to let them join them and get away from Ramus. (Actually, she wouldn’t have a need to coax Girth. He would had let this pink thingies join no matter what)

I’m sorry that we all got attacked and all the girls died but the leader. The leader was actually a great war hero and the girls were her adopted daughters. Apparently, the bad guys wanted the war hero.

We went back to the village where I was grabbed by those cray priests and found the village all burned. Rhaine and I caught sight of Ramus coming out a tent. He seemed rather surprised to see us. He ran back inside of the tent. The boys set the tent on fire, but I was pretty sure that was in vain. I was sure that there was a back door behind the tent. I motioned Rhaine to follow me to the back, we having gotten to be good friends. We snuck to the back and were ready to strike when Ramus popped open the flap. He shook with surprise as he suddenly saw me and Rhaine on either side. We killed him quickly and instantly. I was rather sad about that. Ramus could have told me where Jordan was for I had a score to settle with him. The war hero had suddenly disappeared.

Ramus carried some papers and those papers led us to a dragonborn encampment. We met a dragonborn named Miriam. We told her of who we are and our quest and she seemed to know it all before we told her…she seems to know too much. She gave a crystals and didn’t seemed pleased that none of us were good. (That’s because good people are wimps!) She said the crystals only worked if we were good and she said she would try her best to help us on our quest. We saw dopplegangers attacking the dragonborns and wished to help Miriam out. She pointed us to go to a cave and destroy them all. I went with a happy heart, hoping that the crystal would work for me. I was very curious of what I would find should the crystal work. And I would be trying my best. It shouldn’t be that hard…right?

Bree became good???!

Hi, it me again! Winter!

Miriam – the leader of the dragonborn – she had sent us to a cave where dopplegangers were, to keep them from destroying the dragonborn. I stayed by Rhaine’s side as we traveled through. Rhaine had taught me how to sneak and she had done a lot of things that I have done…except she was an assassin. I don’t know about you, but I hadn’t really thought of being an assassin…and Rhaine made me a little nervous around her. But as I stayed with her for a while longer she and I got along very well and became good friends.

We made it the the cave and I saw a few dopplegangers guarding the entrance of the cave. They had three captives with them. A eladrin (man), half-elf (woman), and a dwarf (man). We started getting into position to attack the group when suddenly Rhaine ran past me and started to the dopplegangers shouting, ‘They’re here!’ All of us paused at her shout, surprised. Girth and Captain started running towards the dopplegangers that were ready to attack. I watched the traitor Rhaine run to a tree, changing into the shape of a doppleganger and then back to Rhaine. I ran behind trees, my magical shoes that I had received that I recieved from the cave and made me run faster than the rest of the group except Rhaine. The shoes helped me get past the foilage faster and an arrow shot past me from the tree Rhaine was in. I ran in her direction with mixed emotions, putting in my mind to finish her off. Rhaine was up to high in the tree and, being small as I am, couldn’t make it with ease. There were two dopplegangers in my way as well, so I engaged in battle with them.

As I fought, the three prisoners managed to get free and I heard on of the eladrin captives scream out to a dwarf, ‘I LOVE YOU!’ I got rather perturbed at that. I have never heard of elven folks to be gays.

I caught a blur jump from the trees at me with shining grey metal coming at me. I dodged from Rhaine’s weapons, letting them slash through empty air. I turned around to face her, keeping the doppleganger in sight from the corner of my eye. (the second was fighting with Corak) I glared at Rhaine, anger welling up inside of me. ‘So this is how you assissinate people, Rhaine? Changing into different people. That certainly helps killing people, I bet.’ I killed her. (or is it a he? It’s hard to tell when they’re dopplegangers.) The other dopplegangers ran into the cave soon after. I stared at the form of Rhaine. Rhaine was my friend. And I trusted her, even though she was an exassassin. I thought I would get use to being hurt or at least learn to stop trusting people so easily. But no.

The group was chasing after the dopplegangers, and the gay eladrin and the two captives that was saved, followed us. They helped us kill of the rest of the dopplegangers and I just barely remembered about Rhaine’s magical shoes, someone else could use them. I ran out and went to take it off Rhaine’s feet. I stopped, the shoes she wore weren’t magic…I paused. I jumped up in a twirl and ran into the cave with a squeal and laughed as I danced around the group and gave Corak a hug on the knee. I hadn’t been betrayed. This wasn’t Rhaine. That meant that Rhaine was somewhere else…captured??? I don’t know. But I’m going to find her someday and help my friend.

We went into a tunnle in the cave and came at a cross. We found a lot of blood and a severed leg. Suddenly, the walls started moving. I started to go back the way we came, but one of the walls moved forward and shut out the place from whence we came. I jumped on Corak’s shoulders and held on tightly, fear pressing in my mind. This couldn’t be happening to me! I needed to save Rhaine! Not die here! Bree didn’t even to know what was happening. She just stood the glumly since I ever met her. And she seemed to awaken from a deep sleep when we were screaming and crying… (there, there, Corak. It’s alright.) |D (Okay, so maybe Captain didn’t cry.) Then Bree jumped onto me! She was big fat human! I saw her grabbed by a hair hand and I said I wanted to come to. The hairy figure took us into a small space and I saw him missing a leg. The rest of us came in safely before we got smashed and cried out ‘Sweet potato fries!’

I never seen such a beast as this before and I was quite interested in him. He didn’t seem to like us for some reason, because a bunch of people tried to kill him. And I told him that I’m a ranger and we ‘protect all wildlife!’

We got out and then we saw an owl-bear eating our rations. I went into a fighting frenzy…I don’t really want to talk about it…I feel like a hypocrit now!!! :( Yes, I attacked nature, all because they were eating our beer…I don’t even like beer!!! So, fine! Call me an idiot! Bree was the only one that didn’t fight. And her crystal of ‘goodness’ shone! Of all things! Frankly, I was rather upset. I was the only one that had been trying to be a good person! I mean, really, really trying! I had tried to stop making people mad at me. (I love teasing people and getting them mad at me) The gay eladrin, Waffles he is called -Mmm, I feeling hungry now – I have the hardest time from teasing him. He has a temper and very easy to get him annoyed. I’ve tried saying nice things and being a peacemaker, but it is so hard!!!

I went back to Miriam, a failure. I had to watch Bree with her shining crystal glumly. Bree hadn’t been with us that long anyway! And here she is! A good person! How terrible is that! Bree made it like it was so easy. I’ll never call a good person a wimp ever again!

I think Miriam noticed how glum I was. She pulled out two scimitars that were lovely indeed! She had fought with them long in battle and said that she wished me to have them. I think she was very amused with my trying the hardest to be a good person and likes me very much.


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