Altier Mountains

An impassibly tall mountain range, the Altier Mountains circle the entirety of Altier Valley, with only a small opening for Altier Bay. There are several peaks of various importance, as well as being the home to many monstrous creatures who only heighten the dangers of an already treacherous landscape.

The Altier Mountains is the outermost border of the Altier people, and nobody has ever crossed the mountains before. The goblinoid tribes claim to have seen the other side of the valley and occasionally procure curious trinkets and artifacts of foreign origin, but refuse to say much more. To the goblinoid shamans, the world outside Altier is sacred, as well as highly dangerous, and refuse to divulge any information on how to cross them. Many expeditions have attempted to leave Altier through the mountains, only to perish, and many of the churches of Altier reverence the impassible mountain range as boundaries set by the very gods.

Famous Mountain Peaks

The Altier Mountain range has several mountain peaks of various importance. On of note is Farber Peak, the highest point in the mountain range. This mountain seems to dominate all others and is rich in many minerals and ores. Many of the dwarves and dragonborn make expeditions into this area in search of riches. However, few come out, as the mountain is home to vicious gnoll and goblinoid tribes who often kill any strangers on sight.

Mount Ausubel is also an important mountain, as the great Citadel of Bahamut was built on its frozen peak. There, hermetic monks safeguard the vast libraries which detail the history of Altier and all its knowledge. Outsiders are not welcome, and few even attempt to make the dangerous road up. However, anyone desperate to seek information can approach the Citadel, and while many are turned away, some are accepted in to seek their knowledge, though they are never seen again.

Gami Mountain is a dark and foreboding place. Legend tells of a cave mouth that leads into the very depths of Altier itself, miles upon miles of endless passageways and tunnels crisscrossing into oblivion. At the very end of the labyrinthine maze is supposedly the final resting place of Bathos himself, held by chains forged by the very gods, biding his time to trick a misguided soul into releasing him from his bonds, ushering the end of the world.

Altier Mountains

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