Altier Valley

Circled by the Altier Mountains, Altier Valley is a rich, fertile area split in half by the flowing Paldeu River. Altier Valley is the home of three main city-states Brogg, Rosett and Polmina, numerous villages and towns, as well as countless inhabitants and races.

Much of Altier Valley is farmland and plains, filled with waving prairie grass and gently rolling hills. Running from north to south of the Altier Valley is the Paldeu River, the one source of water and home to many of the inhabitants of Altier.

It is sad that Nesis Altier, an angel of the god Bahamut, settled in the land and created the lesser races. First, the dragonborn were created, then the dwarves. The dwarves, distrustful of the dragonborn, attempted to create their own companions, which resulted in the first humans – fickle, short lived and undisciplined.

In time, a small rift between Altier and the Feywild resulted in elves and their more recent eladrin cousins to stumble into the valley and subsequently settle in the land.

For most of Altier Valley’s history, there was general peace, with a few small, petty wars here and there over territory or water rights. However, the recent series of earthquakes have left the land in pandemonium. Various city-states compete with each other for Dragonian ruins and artifacts, along with private collectors and parties who have ulterior motives in maintaining control. In addition, many new expeditions have started out into the Altier Mountains anew, hoping the earthquakes have created a new pathway into the outside world.

Altier Valley

Altier Teioh