The City-State Brogg holds 51,379 citizens, according to the last census, and is the industrial capital of Altier Valley.

Situated on the northernmost end of the Paldeu River, it is nestled in the foothills of the Altier Mountains, of which is frequently enters into for industrial activities. A mining city, Brogg is located at the head of the Paldeu River, in the foothills of the mountain ranges surrounding Altier Valley. Brogg is mostly populated with dwarves, while a large dragonborn demographic lives within its smoggy borders. Brogg is famous for its vast output of mineral wealth, as well as finished metal goods, such as weapons and armor. The craftsmen of Brogg are the best in the valley, and the sounds of clanging hammers against anvils fill the air during both day and night. Because a lot of refuse gets dumped into the head of the Paldeu River, Brogg and Rosett have come to clashes many times, sometimes leading to war. Brogg is smallest of the city-states, but heavily and well armed, determined dwarven soldiers prove to be a solid rock for armies to dash themselves upon, and so have asserted their independence in the past and will most likely do so again.

Political Structure

The ruling body of Brogg is the Dwarven Circle, made up of the various patriarchs of the Dwarven clans. The four most powerful clans, Clan Brogg, Clan Dureb, Clan Frenz and Clan Raitarch, make most of the decisions, with the strongest leader being Jarow Brogg, of whom many claim is the de facto ruler of Brogg.

Along with the Dwarven Circle is the Dureb Guild, which is only distantly related to the clan. The Dureb Guild is a guild made up of craftsmen, blacksmiths, miners and runesmiths. The current leader of the Dureb Guild is Kalgar, a dragonborn runesmith. While generally regarded as an “innocent” cartel, there is rumor that the Dureb Guild exerts significant influence on the Dwarven Circle itself.


Rumor has it that after Nesis Altier created the dragonborn and dwarves, the two races settled in the foothills, led by Brogg, the leader of this new group. Nesis Altier taught them the craft of metal making, but was dismayed to see them use this technique to create weapons and armor for war and protection. The dragonborn and dwarves claim they were abandoned by Nesis, and claim Nesis allowed the elves and eladrin to enter into their lands intentionally to counteract their growing presence. In response, the dwarves used arcane magic to create the human race, though this had disastrous consequences. The humans instantly rebelled against their dwarven creators and after much slaughter, the humans escaped and settled Rosett. After this incident, the dwarves swore never to use unbridled arcane magic again, choosing to channel it into the more reliable mediums of metal and stone.

While relations between Brogg and Rosett has always been frosty, due to their legends, recently, the city-state has clashed militarily with Rosett, the later claiming that Brogg is dumping toxic chemicals into the water to poison them. This has come to blows several times with inconsequential results.


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