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Altier Geography – The land of Altier is broken up into three main areas – the valley, the mountains and the bay – but there are other geographical landmarks of various importance to note.

City-States – The three city states of Brogg, Rosett and Polmina are the three main centers of population, each with their own traditions, cultures and characteristics.

Independent Cities – While the city-states have often tried to extend their reach beyond their borders, the people of Altier are a hardy and independent folk who love their freedom. While most of the independent cities have closer connections with other city-states than others, they are no lapdogs to them.

Organizations – The people of Altier are fractured and numerous, but there are many who seek to extend their range of dominion to the whole valley, while others seek to fight for their independent freedoms. Various organizations clash and contend with each other as they seek to fulfill their own agendas.

Famous and Important Persons – Every now and then, someone will achieve something so remarkable that their name is known throughout all of Altier. From the infamous to the saints, while few in number, their impact on the land is immeasurable.

House Rules – House rules for the Altier campaign.

Main Page

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