Order of Luce

The Order of Luce is a secretive organization which revolves around an ancient form of worship for the god Bahamut. Recently, it has been whispered that the Order of Luce is obsessed with fighting the rumored Ravalos Guild. Whether or not this is true is yet to be determined, as even determining the existence of the Ravalos Guild can be difficult. However, the Order of Luce is well loved by many, as they are most famous for their various charity groups which hope to alleviate some of the sufferings of people throughout Altier.

Perhaps the most famous branch of the Order of Luce is the Hospitalier Circle, a group of paladins, clerics and volunteers who work to feed the poor and tend to the sick. They adhere to the standards of Bahamut to protect the defenseless and weak, and have often clashed with various power groups within the main city-states in hopes of gaining more support for the lower classes. They are most popular with the common folk and are easily identifiable, as any member of the Hospitalier Circle wears a tabard bearing their insignia – the Hospitalier’s Knot.

The militant branch of the Order of Luce is known as The Fearless. Entry into this elite corps of soldiers is difficult, if not impossible. Only the most strongest, most disciplined, most hardened warriors can find themselves in the brotherhood of The Fearless. They are distinguishable through the unnerving change that occurs when one enters their kind. So close are they with Bahamut’s teachings that any member of The Fearless absorbs some of Bahamut’s very essence. Their eyes often glow blue, and when they speak, their voices sound slightly distorted. When channeling Bahamut’s true power and unleashing it, their voice booms across the battlefield and their visage terrible to behold.

The Fearless are the most apocryphal. Many deny their very existence, citing them as silly tales of the uneducated masses. However, sometimes a warrior, whether it be a cleric, invoker, avenger, paladin or even just a plain fighter or rogue, is bestowed with Bahamut’s power, and the rumors of The Fearless start anew.

Order of Luce

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