Polmina was founded by eladrin, shortly after they crossed over from the Feywild. While Rosett uses magic mostly for economic and practical purposes and Brogg for industrial purposes, Polmina is a high export of magical studies. The College of Five Colors resides within Polmina’s walls, and the eladrin councils which sit at the head of the government are all accomplished wizards. Polmina’s Arcane Corps is rivaled by none when it comes to the pure destructive powers of magic. While Polmina exports sheer magical talent, it must import much of the finished goods it consumes. Thus, Polmina lives in a state of dependence of Rosett, whom it relies on for most of its material needs and desires.

Political Structure

Polmina is led by the Council of Seven, made up supposedly of seven representatives from the aristocratic families who first helped bring the eladrin into the world. 65,000 citizens, made up mostly of eladrin, call Polmina home.

Polmina is a very stable population, mostly homogeneous and steeped in tradition and ritual. Many outsiders find their society intolerable and controlling, but Polmina owes much of its success to it.


Polmina was founded by eladrin and elves who stumbled into Altier from the Feywild. The dwarves and dragonborn claim that Nesis Altier did this to counteract the power of the dwarves and dragonborn, who treat them with suspicion.

For the most part, Polmina keeps to itself, and has stayed neutral in all events within Altier Valley for much of its history. However, the recent popularity of the Kiron Guild has brought some shame to the elders residing in Polmina, and the younger generations have insisted that a more active role in the world around them is not only necessary for their survival, but ethically responsible according to societal tradition.


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