Professor Mandius

Very rarely does anyone in Altier Valley achieve household name status. Professor Mandius is one of these people. A senior professor and Dean of the Department of Acrane Implements, he has also published various books and helped further the research and use of magic over his 200 years of work than any other arcane researcher.

Residing in Polmina where the College of Five Colors resides, Professor Mandius is most famous for the translations of various artifacts and runes into the well known Journeys of Nesis, a collection of all the various myths, legends and folklore surrounding the denizens of Altier Valley, focusing on the legendary Nesis Altier. Almost everyone has learned of these stories and are well versed in several of these fairy tales, such as the creation myth of the dwarves, humans and elves, as well as the epic of Nessis and the discover of Altier itself by Nesis.

He is also known as one of the most powerful men on earth. His understanding of arcane theory is unrivaled, and his few instances of demonstrating his arcane power has left swathes of destruction. His grasp of arcane theory is best demonstrated with his most famous discovery, what has become famous as the “Mandius arcane matrix,” a type of “code” residue left behind by spellcasting which one can use to identify the type of the “parent spell.” Mandius arcane matrices have been used in courts of law as well as research in trying to unwravel the mystery of what makes magic magical, as well as being the basic principle behind many astronomers at the College. In his middle years, he became a devout follower of Ioun and has become a high ranking official within the official Ioun clergy. Several say that his magical abilities is augmented with the divine knowledge and sheer intellect of Ioun himself. However, he is well loved by the common people, as he has worked hard in bringing rights and protections to the common people from greedy nobles, as well as helping to broker several peace accords when war seemed inevitable to everyone else.

He is commonly described as a grumpy, but lovable older eladrin, with neatly trimmed grey hair and beard, as well as spectacles perched at the end of his nose. He speaks gruffly and matter-of-factly, which sometimes puts off some of the upper class, whom he ignores most of their traditions and etiquette. Rumor has it that he belongs to the shadowy organization, the Grave Callers, but it is not well supported and a very unpopular rumor.

Professor Mandius

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