Rosett is the largest city-state in all of Altier Valley. Lying on the banks of the Paldeu River, at any moment it anywhere between 70,000 to 100,000 residents and several major industries. The river is lined with factories and workshops powered by waterwheels and a little help from magic, as well as their magically enchanted crops surrounding the city walls. It maintains a large standing army used to defend Rosett from both bandits and greedy neighbors who wish to plunder Rosett for her wealth. Rosett is ruled by the cunning Governor Mel Torencci, who is one of the last sons of the Torencci line, rumored to have founded the city-state of Rosett. Rosett consists mostly of humans, though a large halfling population lives down by the river banks.

Being situated between Polmina and Brogg, much traffic flows through Rosett, increasing its economic wealth. Rosett is known for its high class aristocracy and its growing, wealthy merchant and artisan class. While Rosett boasts more political freedom than the two other city-states, its politics still remains ruthless and corrupt, as many different power groups struggle for control over Rosett and her riches.

Political Structure

The Torencci Family is the founding family of Rosett, and this human family endeavors to control all of Altier Valley. While many of its members in the past have been violent and dangerously war-like, its current members, mostly the brothers Mel and Marr Torencci, prefer more subtle, political maneuvering. These two brothers are also the last of the surviving bloodline. While universally distrusted by all, they are still recognized for their shrewd bargaining and city planning. Much of Rosett’s recent growth and wealth can be attributed to Mel’s brilliant and risky maneuvers. While some of their jealous rivals murmur under their breath they are getting outside help for their success, many dismiss this as wild, speculative rumors. The Torencci Family are very interested in Dragonian artifacts, mostly their economic value, as many bidders are willing to pay high prices to get their hands on them. The Torencci Family and its vassals imagine themselves to be future exclusive dealers in Dragonian artifacts, selling them to the highest bidder and building a vast, wealthy financial empire with the profits.

Every year, Rosett has a vote of confidence for the ruling leader, and the Torencci Family has held this post every year since its founding except for three disastrous years known as the Years of Folly. After the Years of Folly, the Torencci Family has never been politically stronger, and continues to govern the affairs of the city-state. However, recently, there have been rumors that the Torencci Family has changed, and drastic new laws have resulted in civil unrest, the most unpopular being the recent usage of Face Stealers to maintain political control and the allowance of the Kiron Guild into Rosett territory. While many of Rosett’s citizens do not wish to re-create the disaster of the Years of Folly, some feel that the Torencci’s ever more erratic policies and laws are becoming unbearable. Rosett has become a political powderkeg ready to go off, and her rivals Brogg and Polmina monitor her closely.


Legends tell of the dwarves who created the human race through arcane magic. However, the humans proved to be temperamental, emotional, unpredictable, short sighted and inherently violent. They revolted against their masters and after a long war, the humans escaped south and settled the city-state Rosett, led by their leader, Giovann Torencci. Since then, Rosett has always been in competition with the city-state Brogg.

Their history has been one of general peace, except for the disastrous Years of Folly, when a small populist faction wrested control from the Torencci Family. A mysterious plague fell over the city-state, slaying thousands, and after three tumultuous years, the Torencci Family was reinstated and continues to rule to this day. Some historians have recently wrote books insisting the plague was unleashed by the Torencci Family to turn the tide of public opinion away from the populist group, but no hard evidence has been procured, and many scholars who wrote such books suddenly changed their minds, recanting their writings.

Recently, Rosett has come to military blows with Brogg over water rights. However, these wars are unpopular as they often disrupt business as usual and commerce that flows in and out of Rosett.


Whereas Polmina is known for its arcane creations and knowledge, and Brogg of its industrial might, Rosett is known for its agricultural output and a new, recent art known as alchemy.

Rosett’s agricultural output is unrivaled in the valley, and both Brogg and Polmina rely heavily on Rosett’s surplus to feed their own burgeoning populations. Rosett’s traditions and culure is steeped in agriculture, mostly due to the religion of Agricola, based off of nature and druidic worship. This strong connection with the land has resulted in strong agricultural traditions. Rosett itself is compact, with buildings rising high into the sky, so as to save as much room outside the city-walls for their magically enhanced crops.

Alchemy is also a new art developed by the ingenious halflings who reside within Rosett. By combining various substances in controlled situations, alchemy can reproduce several effects once only thought to have been possible through magic. While still new, this industry is fiercely protected by the Torencci Family and continues to gain popularity in Brogg, while demand in Polmina remains relatively low.


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