At his weakest moment, The she-queen struck her love. Fire rent the sky; the King had fallen, all was lost. Driven by lust and greed, She picked up the Clock of Fate. The earth groaned in protest as she sealed the pact with evil.

- Excerpt of the Zepyhr Chronicles, translated by Prof. Mandius, Academician of the College of Five Colors

For as far as the races could remember, Altier was a peaceful valley, punctuated only by the occasional political squabble or petty war between city-states. All this was shattered when a series of recent earthquakes uncovered massive Dragonian ruins beneath the once tranquil surface. Now, factions and guilds vie for supremacy in both knowledge and powerful Dragonian artifacts, and rival adventuring groups compete to unearth treasures for the highest bidder.

Woven through all the chaos is a single name, whispered in fear – the Ravalos Guild. Many dismiss it as a conspiracy theory, though some veterans tell ghastly tales of horror to those foolish to listen, of grisly murders and a chilling conspiracy of various powers working to shroud the valley in a cover of darkness unimaginable. For this guild has more important purposes than to possess the latest artifact or claim the most recently discovered ruin – they seek to resurrect the dreadful Dragon-God Bathos himself, and rearrange the face of the world in their own twisted making.